George Hinchcliffe's Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Ar bwy mae’r bai am y cerddorfeydd iwcalili a’r gorffwylltra iwcalilis sy’n rhemp drwy’r byd yn grwn?

Cerddorfa Iwcalilis Prydain Fawr siŵr iawn!

Tapiwch fysedd eich traed yng nghwmni brenhinoedd y sîn iwcalilis, sêr roc annibynnol y “gitâr bonsai”, a blyciodd a chanu, cellwair a chwibanu gya Clean Bandit, Robbie Williams, Madness, Cat Stevens, The Ministry of Sound a Blue Peter.

Pan soniwn am Gerddorfa Iwcalilis gyntaf un y byd, nid dim ond iwcalilis piau hi – ond difyrrwch, llawenydd, hwyl, strymian a chywreinrwydd. | Twitter @theukes | Facebook @UkuleleOrchestraofGB

 Pris Safonol £27
 Dan 16 oed £20

Ynghyd â ffi postio opsiynol o £1.50.
Am docynnau Hynt, cysylltwch â’r Swyddfa Docynnau ar 02920 878444. Dim ond hyn a hyn o le sydd ar gael – archebwch yn gynnar i osgoi siom.

Bwciwch Nawr
“They extract more than seems humanly possible from
so small and so modest an instrument”
The New York Times

“...few concerts this year matched this ensemble’s November performance”
New York Times

(Top 5 Season Highlights at Carnegie Hall, NY)
“They have grown into a much-loved institution”
The Observer

“The sophisticated sound they make – both percussive and melodic – is
at once hilarious and heartfelt”
The Financial Times

“The Best of British”
Michael Palin

“The ukulele has found its avant garde”
The Guardian

“A musicologist’s nightmare”
Music Week

“Wonderfully clever”
David Bowie

Guitar Magazine

“Among the great entertainers”
Evening Standard

“May well turn out to be one of the turning points of 21st Century Art.”
Brian Eno

“Iconoclastic. Unabashed genre crashing antics. Nothing is spoof proof.”
Sunday Times

“Most people have to die before they become immortal.
These ukulele superstars have no such worries.”
New Musical Express

“Perfectly polished professionalism, threaded through with dry wit and wry humour”
Independent April 07

“Impressive solo voices and an absolute mastery of strum, pluck and twang
ensured the sheer joy and beauty of the music was never lost in the comedy”.
Independent April 07